our coffee

Imagine impacting the world in a positive way one coffee bean at a time to create change. Also, imagine your coffee is sourced ethically and humanely. Now, imagine your coffee is small batch roasted to perfection using clean technology, getting rid of all smoke and dirty air typically emitted by a traditional roaster, and using only renewable energy. That’s what we’ve done!

We source green coffee that has positive impacts on the farm communities, empowering you to enjoy a responsible cup. Every plantation we source our coffee from has an incredible story behind it. For example, our Guatemalan bean comes from the ACODIHUE cooperative in the mountainous territory of Chuchmatan, Huehuetenango which focuses on women growers and has put forward efforts to improve each of the farmer’s lives. Our Brazilian bean is sourced from Fazenda Guarda, which is owned and managed by Jose Maria Domingos.  Jose comes from a family with more than 100 years of experience cultivating coffee in the region of Cerrado Mineiro, a protected origin within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  During the harvest, the estate provides jobs for more than 20 people locally. From empowering women to eliminating child labor so they can focus on school, these are just a couple of examples of how we achieve this.

When you subscribe to our coffee you will be directly impacting a specific mission that we are passionate about - as 20% of the proceeds will help fund a transgender youth crisis center in Long Beach, CA open to anyone in the world. This center will focus on critical care for trans youth experiencing a crisis, education for their families and loved ones, run by professionals who are compassionately qualified to treat these individuals. We also challenge legislation that further discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community and continue the fight against world-wide criminalization.