How do I edit my subscription?

Super easy! Go to your email you received when you subscribed and you will see a link to login to your account. From here, you can modify your email address, physical address, Credit Card etc. If you are having trouble please reach out to us: or call 562-619-8299

i’m going on vacation, how do I pause my subscription?

Email us so we can make sure we ship your coffee on the date you want :)

how do I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see anyone go, but we want to make sure your request is taken care of immediately and professionally.  Refer to “How do I edit my subscription?”

how can I change my order once it’s been placed?

Contact us and we can make the change for you. Always want to make sure you are satisfied and happy!

how can I track my package?

Once your package ships we will send an email with the tracking information.

is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely.  When you purchase anything from our shop the process is handled by our payment gateway, Stripe, using industry-standard encryption.  Your credit card information is 100% secure.  Your card information remains hidden from us. Also, NEVER EVER EVER will we share any information with ANYONE.

how do I update my credit card information?

Refer to “How do I edit my Subscription”. All attributes can be modified.

what delivery service do you use?

USPS and FedEx, depending on where you are located. We always strive to use the service that will get your fresh coffee to you the soonest.

where do your beans come from?

All of our beans are single origin and are sourced ethically.  Currently we are purchasing from (on a rotating basis and as harvests allow) Brazil, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Columbia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Hondurus, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Guatemala. 

what are single origin beans?

Single-origin coffee comes from a small geographical area, usually a particular farm or small group of farms. It is significant because the characteristics of the region, the soil, the altitude and the aspect all heavily influence the final flavor of the beans. Because the coffee all comes from a small area and usually one single farmer, the quality of the coffee can be controlled to a much higher degree.  Not everyone uses single origin, particularly large coffee companies because they’d rather pay less for inferior blends of coffee. 

how fresh are my beans?

It is our policy to not ship beans more than 48 hours after roasting so you can enjoy your coffee at its peak flavor. 

why are your beans better than store bought?

 When you roast coffee it immediately begins to lose its shelf life and they are best brewed within 2 weeks.  After 4 weeks from the roast date the flavors begin to diminish.  We roast to order and you can rest assured that no more than 48 hours has passed from roast to shipment.  Aside from that, how long do you think bags sit on shelves at stores? Longer than they should!